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Glitches And suggestions

James Jul 18, 2017 05:16PM BST

Hello, My name is James and I'm a qualified prison architect. I have a bug to share and some suggestions, And I play on mobile.

The Bug: There is a bug in which you click 'intelligence', then 'gangs' and click a person in a gang and the game just glitches and crashes and I'm back in my home screen. (Really annoying if I didn't save the game)

Suggestions: Ah yes, The developers may be thinking "How are we gonna make more money off of this game?
Well, First off let me say "ESCAPE MODE". That's right, A DLC for prison architect (mobile). I would gladly pay 5$ for that. Now, to make this game better and make more people want to buy it, You gotta improve the game, And my suggestions are:

-More Chapters in the story
The story is short and most of the time not really satisfying. Where's the bad guy losing and the good guy getting all the girls?

-More weapons
Who doesn't like more weapons? These are my suggestions for weapons: Shock baton (A baton with a chance to turn inmates unconscious each hit, Like a taser+baton),
A pistol that guards can use (like a revolver, They can equip a expensive revolver in the armory after they complete a intermediate course for weapons training)

-Guard attributes
This is my favorite one. After all, Guards are humans like inmates, And can be strong and/or skilled in fighting.
Strong (This guard hits harder than normal)
Skilled (This guard had lots of training with a baton, And have a chance to disarm prisoners
Fast (This guard is a track runner and is extremely fast)
Lieutenant (This guard is a effective force and has many attributes)
Ex-Military (This guard has served in the military and is stronger and faster than normal)
Pacifist (This guard is a kind and gentle person. Prisoners have a chance to calm down when near this guard)

These are my ideas, I hope the developers see this and consider these suggestions, If you yourself have any bugs or suggestions, Just write it down below. Thank you all for your time, the Master Architect,


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