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  • Blurry textures in game and menu

    Texture detail does not appear for the majority of textures in game and in menu screen. Am using an Intel i5 ...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Mar 12, 2013 05:16PM GMT
  • Laptop spec

    I'm not sure if my laptop can run your game. The spec is below, will it work and if it will lag is there ...

    2 Community Answers Mar 09, 2013 08:33PM GMT
  • Demo

    Can you put demos in the game? So you can try it out?

    0 Community Answers Mar 08, 2013 12:08AM GMT
  • Graphic Issues and Cant login to dowload

    When i start the game this is what happenes, And i cant logon to the website to...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Mar 05, 2013 11:05AM GMT
  • Recording gameplay

    Am I allowed to record this game for youtube? Of course as always links to where to buy the game will be put i...

    1 Agent Answer 2 Community Answers Mar 05, 2013 10:34AM GMT
  • I faild to install the game can you help ?

    For a long time ago i faild to instal the game i bought it but i couldent play it so i lost my money but can`t...

    1 Community Answer Mar 05, 2013 09:24AM GMT
  • p.s. the subject below me i can still click things but not see them

    not a question more an update of what i can do

    0 Community Answers Mar 03, 2013 10:10AM GMT
  • Multiplayer/Coop

    Will there ever be a coop/multiplayer for prison arcitect.

    0 Community Answers Mar 02, 2013 02:11AM GMT
  • cant start game without auto prisonors

    When i start a new game i cant start it with no auto prisonors

    0 Community Answers Mar 01, 2013 05:23PM GMT
  • Have registert to the forum and activated PA but canĀ“t get onto the wi...

    I have registered at the Forum and activated have klicked the link in the E-mail from the forum to activete th...

    0 Community Answers Feb 27, 2013 08:22PM GMT
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