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  • Steam Key

    Bought PA on GOG, can't seem to get key for Steam workshop mods. The GOG version came with no mods/data ...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Jul 15, 2018 06:47PM BST
  • Crash while playing

    Hello, I've got an issue that my game crashes every 5-7 minutes to desktop and I can't do nothing wi...

    0 Community Answers Jul 11, 2018 03:32PM BST
  • Sprite Sheet Downscaled

    When I launch the game I get the 'Sprite Sheet Downscaled' message. I have never before gotten this ...

    0 Community Answers Jul 04, 2018 12:33AM BST
  • Forbidden! message when trying to access PA builds Menu

    I would like to know why I am forbidden and how I am supposed to fix it. I haven't attempted to access th...

    0 Community Answers Jun 28, 2018 08:40PM BST
  • prison

    hey guys I have question about make cells dry to ask it here do no where I can understand it I wanna make ...

    0 Community Answers Jun 27, 2018 07:26PM BST
  • Defcon authentication key

    Help me! I bought defcon off of amazon for $9 and it didn't come with the manual that has the authenticat...

    0 Community Answers Jun 26, 2018 10:55PM BST
  • Cheats and tools not working anymore in update 14

    Since update 14 has been released on the Steam beta branch, enabling cheats don't seem to work anymore. Y...

    0 Community Answers Jun 23, 2018 07:07PM BST
  • Deliveries Are Broken?

    So I've been working on a prison for about 3 hours and the delivery area says its too full, even though t...

    0 Community Answers Jun 10, 2018 04:42AM BST
  • Copy on iPad transfer to Windows 10

    I purchased Prison Architect last year (2017) and I've realised that the computer version has more featur...

    0 Community Answers Jun 09, 2018 09:25AM BST
  • DEFCON Key

    I have been trying to get my key for DEFCON so I can reinstall the game. I was sent a link where I entered my...

    0 Community Answers Jun 09, 2018 03:05AM BST
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