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I cannot download the latest builds (alpha) though i purchased (via steam) and have forum account!

Martin Halbach Nov 23, 2015 01:50PM GMT


the here

given solution to activate account to get the latest updates/builds is

1.) to cresater a forumaccount (i did and have it, i am logged in there)

2.) 2. Armed with that head here:

from here on, it doesnt work !

i get the message

"There was an error with your email/password combination!"

strange, cause i am parallel logged in with that data.

there is no problem with my email and pw, there is a problem at introversion.
since i had no choice i did then click on forgotten username/password
and since (about 1,5 or 2 h ago) wait for the new data,
nothing arrived yet.

in case nothing is going to come, what can i do ?



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Martin (thread starter) Nov 23, 2015 11:25PM GMT

update :

a new password came.

i retried login AND IT WORKED.
am i entitled to gain hope ?
maybe a bit early, let's see ...

the continuing page wanted me to enter mxy steam key key,so it can

be combined with my (forum?) account

i entered the key (expecting an explosion) but NO -

it worked !

is this reality or only a dream ?
i took a drewing pin and pushed it in my arm
(the old familiar sting) ooops, i stray,. sorry.

no, it hurts, this is no dream.

i am not only entitled to gain hope, i was almost overwhelmed by

hoping i might successfully get the latest alphabuild in a few

seconds and fascinated by this

"Your name in game key has now been registered with your forum

account. ..."

sure, it ought to be "and", not "in", but who cares.
especially i, who mistypes every second wordandmklae readers

suffer, but i am straying again, sorry.

and there it was :

You can access the Alpha builds here.

i saw that on the wiki oagwe than i could access all the tome,


i clicked on verusion 1 (not the latest 1,1, but the one before,

cause i wasn't sure if 1 .1 works alone or needs 1.0 before.
so i clicked 1.0.

30 to 45, be it 59, seconds ago i had logged in with the new pw

successfully and was still thrilled by this row of successes when a

login request popped up to my terror, all happiness burst away,

replaced by this old familar (ah, here it belongs) feel of upcoming


and, you already guessed it, in the usual manner the search for the

holy grail. in formof version 1 and 1.1 of PA, was brutally stopped

by this old, familiar

Failed to authenticate user. Did you type in your username /

password correctly?

Please try again or visit for support.
If you have forgotten your login details, or if you are not sure

you have registered for access please visit:


Again and again and again and no end in sight ?

Anger began to crawl up my neck and i felt like throwing that damnn

PC right out of the window.
and almost i felt desperate enough to jump right after it into the

dark deep night.
i would be yelling " did that to me - stay away,

stay away or follow me",

and i bet, when mybody hits the hard ground of the street , when it

would burst, spouting blood all over, i am convinced, it would form

the word "Introvision".

but i would have peace, no more "Failed to authenticate".

well, i said almost, didn't i.
i said "i felt like", not "i did", didn't i ?
and you knew it, who would be writing this, else ...
no, that would be too grizly, the story will not get that grizly, i

on the other hand, me, returning as a ghost, haunting introvision,
that has something.

but one thing is for sure : my level of despair shifted way up.

and when i think that (i bought the complete package,all games of

introversion) i have to go through that with each and every game,
no, that is too hrrifyiong to think on,so :

my dear fellow intriversion gamelikers or p.a. likers amd

introversion support fellows, does anyone have an information or

hint, trick, workaround or whatever it may be, thta can get me

closer to the 1.1 version ?

will i ever get it ?

how many logins willpopup untilin finally REALLY get the game, and

will that continue ingame? every secoind step anothert login


the world can be so cruel ...

i am grateful for every help.

i thought about asking support to simply send mee the files

directly as email, but i woukd have to go througn the same world
of horror with the next upgrade, so a solution is badly needed

who can come up with one ?
give peace to my tortured soul.
please help.

thx agaon,


(too tired today to go over the typos, excuse me).

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